8 Electrical Safety Tips

Every day, you most likely have to use several different electrical appliances. Given how common electrical appliances are, it’s easy to forget that they can still be hazardous. While many people think that they are up to date on electrical safety, it never hurts to brush on up on these eight tips.

Follow Instructions

Always follow the instructions on your electrical appliances. Most of these instructions are there for your safety. Likewise, never attempt to perform any appliance repairs on your own.

Check Cords Regularly

Sometimes cords will have breaks or kinks in them. It’s important to check them regularly to make sure that there isn’t any breakage.

Use Tape or Twist Ties on Cords

Some people may try to nail or staple a cord in place. Don’t do this! Use twist ties or tape to secure the cords that you need to in order to ensure electrical safety.

Install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Outlet

A ground fault circuit interrupter outlets can be useful in bathrooms, kitchens and pools. These outlets will protect against electric shock.

Use Correct Wattage

Make sure that you have the correct wattage in every lightbulb that you use. If you use too high of a wattage in your lightbulbs, you could wind up causing the fixture to overheat.

Don’t Overload Outlets

Always keep track of what you have plugged in. Too many things plugged into one outlet can put you at risk of overheating or fire.

Replace Light Switches

If you have any light switches that flicker or get hot, then it might be time to have them replaced.

Use Professional Electricians

For any and all electrical work, make sure that you have a professional on hand. Electrical safety is important and without a professional, you risk fire or shock with any repairs that you might attempt on your own.

While you are surrounded with electricity every day, it’s smart to remember these 8 electrical safety tips.