How to Know When to Rewire Your House

Home ownership can be tough. Knowing how to maintain it is one thing, but knowing when to replace old parts is an even bigger challenge. This article will give you some tips for identifying when your house needs to be rewired. 

1. Your House’s Age

The most important factor when deciding if the house needs to be rewired is knowing how old the house itself is. If your home was built over fifty years ago, it may be at greater risk of fire damage due to outdated insulation. When you know your house is getting up to the fifty year mark, it’s time to call a service and get it rewired.

2. Your Personal Electrical Usage

Another big factor when rewiring a house is determining the “load” your current use of appliances place on your electrical system. Nowadays, most people have multiple devices and appliances they’ll leave plugged in all day, every day. If your electric system was installed with a lower expectation of energy expenditure, it’s time to think about looking into rewiring. 

3. Warning Signs

There are a few signs you might see that your electric wiring needs some work. For instance, if the lights in your house flicker on a consistent basis, in spite of changing out the light bulbs, your appliance wiring may have loose connections. You can find another indicator by taking a look at your outlets.

If the outlet has visible black marks around the plug, smokes, or smells like smoke, you may have a shorting power outlet. This is a serious situation, since you could easily wind up with a fire, so call your electrician immediately and call a fire department if you think there may be an active fire. 

These are just a few tips for knowing when to get your home rewired. Being proactive about calling an electrician may just save your home someday.