How to Know When Your Generator Needs to be Fixed

If you’re a first time home owner, or have only lived in a house for short periods of time, you’re probably not familiar with generators. You generator is a vital part of your home’s function and safety, so being able to identify when it needs maintenance is crucial. Use these tips to know when you should call a professional.

1. Inconsistent Power

It’s easy to ignore issues in your home if they’re not super disruptive or obviously dangerous in some way. Inconsistent power, such as flickering lights or the A.C. turning on and off, is one of those problems that seems small, but can easily get out of control quickly and become expensive to fix.

This could be a sign of internal damage in your generator, or it might be due to insufficient wattage in the generator to handle your home’s electronics and appliances. Get a pro out to your house to find out if this is the case, before it’s too late.

2. Odd Smells and Loud Noises

Your generator should never smell like anything, but if you’re picking up a strange smell it could be a sign of a gas leak. This means your health could be at risk and should be handled immediately by a professional. Unusual noises aren’t necessarily a danger to your health, as they could be something benign like loose generator panels, but it’s unlikely you’ll be able to identify the issue yourself and you’ll need a pro to see what the problem is.

3. No Electricity

If your generator is running, but isn’t putting out any electricity, it might be an issue with the generator, or it could be a different problem entirely. Calling a professional is recommended in this situation, otherwise you’ll be poking around in your electrical box trying to find the problem yourself and potentially causing further damage. 

Remember, generators are complicated and potentially dangerous if handled incorrectly. When in doubt, call a pro.