Tips for Finding the Right Network Cable Installer

Whether you are rewiring your phone and IT network system or installing a brand new one, you need a professional installer on whom you can depend to get the job done efficiently and correctly. Many electricians will take on the task, but there are a few factors to consider when choosing a company to meet your network cabling needs.


The most important criteria for hiring technicians to install cables for your network are their knowledge and years of experience. In addition to basic electrical information and certifications, cablers should have the specific training necessary to handle the job with ease. Look for those with an RCDD license or other relevant certifications. You may also have better luck with technicians who have extensive experience with the type of job for which you are hiring them. The more often they’ve done it, the better they’re likely to be.

Local Access

If your phone or internet network is out, everything else can come to a standstill in a hurry. Experienced network cabling professionals may be able to troubleshoot some issues remotely, but there problems may arise that need to be fixed on site. When that happens, it’s best to have contractors who are located near you so that they can respond quickly to get you up and running again. 


When prospective contractors arrive to evaluate the job so that they can provide an estimate, take note of how they gather information. Some of them may walk around for a little and then just give you an overall range where your price could fall. Others, however, take the time to really inspect the areas where they will be working before they quote you a price. This attention to detail is a valuable asset. 

Ensuring that your phone and internet systems work properly is important. It just makes good sense to choose a network cabling contractor who can do the job right and provide great followup support.